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pandanurse91-deactivated2012061 said: Hey loca! Im excited about May 6th cause I get another chance to hang out with such a beautiful, talented woman. I wanna ask your opinion. I'm going through a break up right now & your music is helping me more than you can imagine. We dated for 3 years, got engaged, & well for 2 of those years she cheated on me & we got back together & she still treated me unfair. I never felt like a priority always just an option. i gave up a lot for her including my dream college.how many chances is too many?

only until you yourself “snap out of it” will you be able to move on. no one, not even i can sit here and tell you to let go because until you are ready and you realize enough is enough.. only then will you be able to see reality. i know you love this person, because if you didnt then the first time she cheated you would of been done.. love forgive ALL remember that but its not worth being someones fool all the damn time either. i hope you can make a choice and soon so you wont continue wasting your life with someone who isnt the one for you.

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